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Corona Del Mar Family Lawyer

Many families try to settle their issues on their own without involving the courts as much as possible, because of the costs and the complexity of California’s Penal Code and Family Law for cases like divorce, child custody and support, and domestic violence. Some cases are also very sensitive that the parties involved are unwilling to involve another party to resolve the issues.

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However, family legal issues should be handled with the help of a credible Corona Del Mar family lawyer because the potential issues that may arise, such as those involving custody arrangements, asset distribution, enforcement of alimony, etc. might cost you more stress and expenses. Orange County Divorce Lawyer can show you how you can resolve your family’s legal issues without worrying about the legal terms and points of state family law. We will help you understand the laws related to your case and build the right legal support you need to resolve your case in the best way possible.

Orange County Divorce Lawyer also promises to handle each family case with compassion, especially for child custody and support cases and domestic violence cases. We will be aggressive in our defense of your rights and ensure that you will be able to recover from your family’s legal battles once it is finished. Make us your Corona Del Mar family lawyer today!

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Experienced Family Attorneys

Our Corona Del Mar family lawyers at Orange County Divorce Lawyer can help you with any family case you may be experiencing and provide you with the legal support you need to achieve the results you are hoping for.

Here are the legal services our family attorneys can provide for you:

Divorce Attorney: Our Corona Del Mar, CA family law firm can help you with divorce cases, as well as other cases related to it, such as alimony arrangements, asset division, and child custody. We understand how serious divorce is, and we know how it is life-changing once you commit to it. We will prepare you for the case and help you with your documentation or position. We can also help you make ideal legal decisions that can help you in the future.

Property & Asset Division: During divorce cases, assets and properties will need to be given to their rightful owners. As your lawyer, we can help you identify the assets that you should fight for, which ones can be used as leverage, and sort out the distribution of the other properties.

Child Custody Lawyer: Child custody cases must be treated with care because of the impacts they may have on the children involved in the case. With us as your family lawyers, we can help you understand how the child custody case works and sort out a child custody agreement that works with your situation and helps with the child’s growth. We can also help you get modifications, or enforcement orders sorted out if there is a need.

Corona Del Mar Family Lawyer father son 2 231x300 1Child Support Attorney: For child support cases, parents are required to contribute equally to their child’s well-being. Usually, financial support is ordered to one party while the other is tasked with taking care of the child’s day-to-day needs and upbringing. For this part of the negotiations, we will help you establish an ideal situation that works well for your children and the parents: from setting up the custody arrangements to enforcing or modifying them if necessary.

Spousal Support: If you will be separating from your spouse and there is alimony agreed upon the separation, we can assist you. We can create the right defense to get the right amount of spousal support you deserve and argue it in court. If you are the one ordered by the court to pay spousal support or alimony, we will make sure that the computation is done fairly, and if there is a mistake in the ruling, we can argue in court as to why you should not be asked to pay it.

Father’s Rights Lawyer: In California, the father has the right to seek custody and request visitation rights even if they were not married when the child was born. The judges will look into the father’s capability to meet the interests of the child, and it is common nowadays to see fathers being given main custody of their children. We can help you establish your paternity and help you make the necessary arrangements to sort out child custody, visitation, or support agreements. We can also help you check the paternity of the child if there are questions about their background.

Domestic Violence: If a family member abuses you or your family members physically, mentally, and emotionally, you need to seek legal help immediately. Domestic violence or abuse is a serious problem that must be resolved carefully to protect the victims involved. Our family lawyers will carefully handle your case and protect you from your abusers with the help of the law.

Let’s Talk – Compassionate Legal Advice

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If you are looking for an Corona Del Mar family lawyer who can help you understand the state’s family law and avail the right legal support for your situation, you can trust Orange County Divorce Lawyer’s talented team.

We will handle your legal troubles with compassion and aggressively fight for your rights, especially during divorce, child custody, and domestic violence cases. Simply let us know what the situation is, and we will immediately create a personalized legal strategy that will help you achieve the best possible result and make the best legal decisions for your future.

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